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Whenever the skin is wounded, scar tissue forms in the healing process. When a wound occurs on the face or neck, the scar tissue can be disfiguring. Living with a facial scar is difficult for anyone, but very hard for a child. When a child has a disfiguring or large visible scar, plastic surgery and other treatments can be used to reduce its appearance. The team at LM Medical NYC offers pediatric scar revision at our cutting-edge medical facility in Manhattan.

Burns, surgery, lacerations and many other types of wounds can cause facial scars on a child. Facial scar tissue is not only quite visible, but it can keep the facial features from functioning properly. Scar tissue is less flexible than skin; a deep scar can change the way the mouth moves when a child smiles or when other facial movement occurs. Scar revision can be used to reduce the appearance of a facial scar, but it can also be used to improve the flexibility and movement of the skin and tissue.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Scar Treatment for Kids

If your child has a facial scar, schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Lesley Rabach at our facility in Greenwich Village. Dr. Lesley is a highly experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has dual board certifications. She is also a mother, and wonderful with children. Dr. Lesley can examine the scar and discuss the various options for revision or removal. While no scar can be completely removed, there are many surgical and non-surgical methods to reduce the visibility and improve the overall appearance of your child’s face.

We understand your child’s well-being is your top priority. We offer the best medical care available in a comfortable, welcoming environment for those seeking pediatric scar revision for their child. To schedule a pediatric scar revision consultation, contact us at LM Medical NYC to book your appointment.