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Fighting the appearance of cellulite has been an uphill battle for decades. The dimpling skin on the backside of the thighs up into the buttocks is a common issue with women of all ages. Finally, there is an FDA-approved cellulite treatment! Qwo™ injections are the first prescription that has been FDA-approved to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. At LM Medical NYC, we will be offering this exciting fillers and injectables treatment to patients at our clinics in Manhattan.

Women of all ages, sizes and ethnicities struggle with cellulite. While there have been many products and procedures designed to combat the dimpled fat deposits common on thighs and buttocks, there isn’t a non-invasive solution that has been proven to work. Cellulite is caused by bands of tissue under the skin that create pockets or bumps in fatty tissues. Qwo injections are the first non-invasive treatment to address those bands, not just the skin.

What Are Qwo or CCH Injections?

Qwo is a cellulite treatment that was created by Endo Aesthetics and is scheduled to be available for prescription use in Spring 2021. The main ingredient is collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes, or CCH. This agent is designed to break down certain collagen types (1 and 3) in the targeted cellulite tissue that cause the bands that create the rippled or dimpled tissue.

The Qwo cellulite treatment is performed in a series of injections – three sessions that are spaced three weeks apart. There is no anesthetic or downtime needed – the treatment can be performed in less than 30 minutes. There are minimal common side effects reported, including slight swelling, itching or bruising at the injection site.

If you are one of the many women who have been struggling with the appearance of cellulite, Qwo injections could be the solution you have been waiting to arrive. To learn more, contact our medical team at LM Medical NYC to schedule an appointment at our upscale clinics in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

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