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A wide jawline can make the face appear rounder, especially on the female face. While many women may prefer a heart or V-shaped face, over-developed masseter, or jaw muscles, can create a round or wide face. If you want to narrow the lower face without surgery, Botox® injections may be the answer. Our cosmetic dermatology team at LM Medical NYC offers Botox injections for round face treatment at our clinics in Manhattan.

The masseter muscles connect the lower jaw to the skull on the outside of the lower face and jaw. These are the strongest and largest facial muscles, providing the power to the jaw for chewing and clenching. In some cases, these muscles can become larger and create a wide lower face. By relaxing these muscles, they can shrink in size to slim the lower face and change the overall appearance.

Face-Slimming Treatment

Botox injections can be used to target the masseter muscles, providing a relaxing effect. The jaw will still work normally, but the major muscles will shrink in size due to less activity over the 2-4 months while Botox is effective. For those with a round or wide face, the results can be a slimmer or V-shaped face, which can appear more feminine. In most cases, only one treatment is needed to achieve the desired results and does not need to be repeated to maintain a slimmer face.

If your face seems round or square and you would prefer a slimmer or heart-shaped face, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side to schedule your appointment. There are cosmetic treatments that can help slim or change the shape of the face without surgery. Botox for round face is a quick and non-invasive treatment that takes less than a half hour to perform.

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