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The bridge of the nose is supported by the nasal bone, septum and sidewalls of the nose. When any of these structures become weak or damaged, the bridge of the nose can fall. When the nasal bridge collapses, it may resemble a horse’s saddle from the side due to the concave appearance. A saddle nose deformity can impact both the appearance and function of the nose. Our team at LM Medical NYC in Manhattan offers saddle nose rhinoplasty to correct this deformity and restore the shape and function of the nose.

Saddle nose deformities can be caused by a variety of nose afflictions. Anything that impacts the stability of the nose structure could result in a nasal bridge collapse. Some of the common causes of a saddle nose deformity include:

  • Trauma or impact to the nose
  • Weak cartilage from congenital or health issues
  • Deviated or perforated septum
  • Rhinoplasty complications
  • Extensive nasal drug use

Once the nasal bridge concaves, it can impact the nasal airways and breathing function. The appearance tends to become worse over time. The collapse of the bridge can upturn the nasal tip, causing a “pig nose” appearance.

Saddle Nose Correction

Saddle nose rhinoplasty is required to restore the nasal structure and shape. This can involve nose reconstruction with cartilage grafts and stents to add support to the nasal structure and open the collapsed nasal valves. Dr. Lesley Rabach at LM Medical NYC is a double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has the experience and skill to complete this complex procedure. Not only is Dr. Lesley able to restore the shape of the nose, but she can help improve the function as well.

If you have a saddle nose deformity and want to explore plastic surgery to reshape your nose, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side. Our team will schedule a consultation to discuss saddle nose rhinoplasty and the options available.

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