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A skin lesion is an abnormal growth on the skin. A lesion can include many benign and typical growths including warts and moles, but it can also include types of skin cancer. Skin lesions can cause both aesthetic and health concerns, especially when located in visible areas like the head, face or neck. At LM Medical NYC, our founders include a board certified dermatologist and a double board certified facial plastic surgeon. We are uniquely equipped to offer advanced skin lesion and cancer removal and diagnosis at our medical facilities in Manhattan.

An abnormal growth on the skin should always be a concern. Skin cancer can be deadly, and millions of people are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer every year in the U.S. Skin lesions that occur in exposed areas like the face or neck are especially concerning. Not only can facial lesions be unattractive, but they could also be cancerous. Early detection and removal of skin lesions can allow for a quick diagnosis and treatment for skin cancer. This improves the chance of successful treatment and lowers the risk of death.

Medical and Cosmetic Skin Lesion Removal

Whether a skin lesion is benign or cancerous, removal can leave a scar or skin deformity. Dr. Lesley Rabach is a top facial plastic surgeon who will remove skin lesions using her advanced surgical skills to reduce scarring and skin damage. If skin cancer is suspected, she can work closely with your dermatologist or physician to ensure the necessary testing is performed. Dr. Lesley also performs Mohs surgery reconstruction if further skin cancer removal is needed.

If you have a suspicious skin lesion you wanted removed or diagnosed, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side today to book an appointment for a skin lesion exam and consultation. Dr. Morgan is our dermatologist, and Dr. Lesley is our plastic surgeon, and both can be of assistance in diagnosing and removing skin lesions.

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