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Vascular birthmarks and malformations affect an estimated 10% of newborns. While many vascular birthmarks can fade over time, some vascular birthmarks can grow larger and do not go away with age. Many birthmarks can occur on the head and neck, including the face, making it impossible to hide or cover these vascular formations. Our medical team at LM Medical NYC offers vascular birthmarks removal and treatment at our facilities in Manhattan.

Stork bites or strawberry marks are common birthmarks that fade away within the first few years of a child’s life. Other types of vascular birthmarks or malformations can grow larger and become disfiguring. These include dark Port wine stains and other forms of birthmarks. All birthmarks should be diagnosed and monitored by a specialist to determine if removal or treatment is needed. If a vascular birthmark poses a health risk or impacts the appearance of the child, treatment or removal may be recommended.

Birthmark Treatment and Surgery

Dr. Lesley Rabach is a top facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a double board certification and an excellent reputation in her field. She has worked with many patients with vascular birthmarks to determine the right treatment, including surgical removal, to improve their appearance and reduce health risks. Some vascular birthmarks respond well to non-invasive treatments like laser therapy; other vascular birthmarks or malformations may require surgical removal. If facial plastic surgery is required, Dr. Lesley can use her extensive skills as a top facial reconstructive surgeon to carefully remove the birthmark and improve the aesthetics of the area.

If you or your child has a vascular birthmark that needs treatment or removal, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side to schedule a private consultation with top facial surgeon Dr. Lesley to discuss the removal options available.

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