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Relaxing certain muscles in the face help smooth lines, wrinkles and even create a “lifting” effect. Neuromodulators are cosmetic injections that can block nerve signals for muscle contractions, allowing the muscle to relax. Xeomin® injections are one of the neuromodulators we offer at LM Medical NYC in Manhattan to eliminate frown lines and create a more youthful appearance.

Xeomin incobotulinumtoxinA

Xeomin is similar to Botox®, Dysport® and Jeuveau®, as they are all neuromodulators that have a relaxing effect on targeted muscles. One of the most common uses of Xeomin injections is reducing the appearance of the glabellar lines, or the “11,” between the eyebrows and smoothing horizontal forehead lines. These dynamic lines appear when the muscles in the brow contract. Relaxing these muscles can smooth away these aging lines for a more youthful appearance of the brow and upper face.

Safe Line and Wrinkle Treatment

Xeomin uses the same active ingredient as Botox, but the formula is slightly different. Xeomin injections can be an alternative to Botox for those who have built a tolerance or do not get the desired results. The treatment is similar in cost and effects. Several small injections of Xeomin are used to target specific muscles on the face, relaxing them to smooth lines or wrinkles. Like Botox, Xeomin injections take a few days for the effects to be noticeable. The results can last 2-4 months before the treatment must be repeated to maintain the effect.

If you have frown lines or other wrinkles that you want to smooth away with a non-invasive treatment, come see us at LM Medical NYC. We offer a wide selection of cosmetic treatments and injections that are quick and require no downtime, including Xeomin injections. Contact us at our Greenwich Village or Upper East Side office to schedule a consultation with best facial surgeon Dr. Lesley Rabach or one of her team.

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