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Mild to severe acne can happen at any age for both men and women. There can be numerous causes for breakouts like diet, stress or hormonal changes. Severe acne can significantly impact your self-confidence and your daily skin care routine can be expensive to maintain.

Many acne treatments can fail to help clear and control breakouts over time. The AviClear™ laser for acne is an innovative cosmetic treatment that offers long-lasting results for clearer skin. Here is everything you need to know on how AviClear laser treatment can help you keep mild to severe acne breakouts under control.

How AviClear Laser for Acne Works

The AviClear Laser for acne is a new FDA-cleared energy device that specifically targets sebaceous oil glands in the skin. These glands produce oily substances that can clog pores when combined with dead skin cells. The laser treatment suppresses these glands so less oil is produced over time. A few 30-minute treatments spread out over the course of three months can deliver substantial results for clearer skin and less intense breakouts. The treatment is safe for all skin types with no harmful chemicals or unwanted side effects.

The unique cooling technology helps deliver a comfortable experience without the need for pain relief. There can be temporary mild redness and irritation after treatment and patients may experience a snapping sensation during the procedure. Over 80% of patients are very satisfied with the results after just three treatments and these results can continue to improve over time.

Ideal Candidates for AviClear Laser for Acne

Ideal candidates for the AviClear laser are adolescents or older individuals with mild to severe acne. If other treatment options are not delivering ideal results for you, you may want to consider this cosmetic procedure. A consultation with a board-certified medical specialist can help determine if you are an ideal candidate.

Enjoy Clearer Skin with AviClear Laser for Acne

Innovative cosmetic treatments from LM Medical NYC like the AviClear laser for acne can help you enjoy clearer skin to look and feel your best. You can receive a customized plan for your aesthetic needs from board-certified medical specialists. Pamper yourself by requesting your personal consultation today.

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