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As we age, it is common to see brown spots on our skin. These brown spots, also known as age spots or liver spots, are caused by prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. They can appear anywhere on the body. However, they are most commonly found on the hands, arms, shoulders and face.

Even though brown spots are harmless, many people worry about how they look, especially those who want to look young. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them from developing as you age.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun to Prevent Brown Spots

The primary cause of brown spots is sun exposure. When exposed to the sun, your skin produces more melanin, the pigment that gives it its color. Over time, this can lead to the formation of brown spots. To prevent this, protecting your skin from the sun is essential.

Wear Sunscreen or a Hat and Protective Clothing

The first step is to apply sunscreen daily, even when it is cloudy because UV rays can penetrate clouds. Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with 30 SPF or higher and use it on all exposed areas of the skin. If you spend lots of time outside, consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat and clothing covering your arms and legs.

Seek Shade

Another way to protect your skin from the sun is to seek shade. Avoid spending time in the sun from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

Use Products and Eat Foods That Contain Antioxidants to Prevent Brown Spots

Antioxidants help keep your skin from getting harmed by free radicals, unstable molecules that can cause brown spots.

Apply Antioxidant Skincare Products

Look for skincare products containing vitamins C or E or green tea extract. These ingredients have been shown to have antioxidant properties and can help protect your skin from damage.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eat a diet that is rich in antioxidants. Foods high in antioxidants include berries, leafy greens, nuts and beans.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water can keep your skin healthy and prevent brown spots. This is because when your skin is hydrated, it can better withstand the damaging effects of the sun. Aim to drink eight glasses of water or more daily and eat foods high in water content, such as fruits and vegetables.

How Can You Eliminate Brown Spots?

If you fail to prevent brown spots, LM Medical NYC can help you eliminate them with a cosmetic dermatology treatment. Contact us to learn about this treatment or to schedule an appointment today.

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